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Male Reader X MaleY/n is a new student in the Cherryton Academy, and lives in a society where the instinct can get over people, she has always had to fight her instincts, but what if …. The creature's head came off cleanly and began to slide. That's what (Y/n) thought of himself worth nothin' and deserved to be in hell. Yuri needs a break after the Grand Prix Finals and what better way than a free vacation paid by Chris and Viktor. Discover more posts about childe x male reader. Y/n is a strong underground duelist with his powerful deck of blue eyes dragons and when he loses i Time to duel (Male reader x yugioh gx) 29 parts. I gave him bloody painter's first name Helen and T. Renaissance Learning offers online quizzes and tests for their Accelerated Reader program; these tests can be taken at home or anywhere one can access the Internet. Male!Rivals X Male!Reader (Yandere Simulator) …. The program encourages kids to read independently. Then there was this ma whatisgoingon. Well, as normal as possible for him. This is a one shot book about male Disney characters, they can be gender bent. Star Breathing: A breathing technique that was the only one not to come from the Breath of the Sun. You were walking through the halls, heading to your girlfriend's dorm, you just returned a week earlier than you planned. Instead of the alien planet the story will take place on earth. As they stood there, mouths agape and hearts aflutter, you could practically hear them collectively. By meeting a boy who strangely ate a cursed object, who knows what he got himself into t. Yes another genshin headcannon book but this time its a 6 poly ship including you and the anemo boys. Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, and Jeon Jungkook. , the Immediate Murder Professionals. Iris Rose is the adopted daughter of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xaio-Long, the sister of Yang and Ruby. When Y/N was an infant, he was found by Zeus. I know this is gonna sound weird but one day my whole world changed, you see cards started falling out of the sky, coming down like rain, at first we didn't knew were they where coming from or who send them, we only knew they were more than just ordinary cards, and it was happening all around the world, in the North, in the South, they landed …. Cheater girlfriend x male reader (drunken marriage) x Blake. The two males, now almost fully nude, were wrestling for dominance on Y/N's bed. You see, I saved a bunch of people, fell in love, saved the city. Y/n we need your help with something. The Flames of Betrayal (Male Reader x Harem) 1. But Heros and students seem to not want that. Other PDF Readers: Why the Free Download Stands Out. MALE READER (BOY X BOY) THIS BITCH btsxmalereader; rapmonster; suga +14 more # 16. Female Cheaters X Male Reader. Blake just rolled her eyes but she did have a small smile and doctor laughed at the bickering teens before her while preparing Ruby. Y/n smirked and glanced at her. [Name] I looked at the female in front of me panting heavily. but when you find them they are the worlds mighty heroes. The thunderstorm she fell from attracts Demon Slayers who kny. twisted Wonderland X Male Reader. She's also the one who designed my friction proof shoes and outfit. In a world where faith is strong and is put before all else being a wise guy and calling Bs on …. Nikolai Ivanov has seen more in his life than any man should. Doomsday Male Reader x Overwatch by minesweeper0 71. You wanted to fight it but she pinned your arms down. Name] is a quiet and friendly person who's family have been serving the Kim Estate for many years. The two Scarlet Women Fairy Tail Male reader X Erza Scarlet X Irene Belserion. " "Now how about you make some food. [ BOOK 2 OF AZITERA: YTHER'S QUEEN ] Betrayed by the humans she once cared and protected, Gatria's DISCLAIMER: author-san has autism so all the autism jokes are fine wattpad …. "Hey Blake!" " (Y/N)!, your back early!" "See ya (Y/N)!" You walk off and see your friend John. In the city of Zaun, the underground, home to three siblings. fantasy; readerxcharacter; disneyfanfic +8 more # 5. A teenager's world is turned upside down after a shocking discovery of a secret race of aliens that Jurassic World AU Remake! (Male Reader) 5 parts. Y/N L/N, the infamous vice-captain of the straw hat crew, and the o. A story of a man, trying to find his purpose, his reason. Read the most popular stevenuniverse stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. In today’s digital age, PDF documents have become an essential part of our lives. Future Gohan in Yokai Dimension(A by Blazing My Blue's. Rebel Simmons was just a girl who was dealt a shitty hand in the game of life. Male Reader x Female Crush. Adventure Anime/Manga Fanfiction Fantasy Humor Demon Slayer x Male Reader Original Characters [Naruto x KNY! Crossover! Various! Naurto & KNY x M! Uchiha! Demon! Reader] Originating from Tsushima, the Uchiha were an infamous clan of many great warriors, generals, spies and shinobi. Dr cockroach x reader (compleated) by LunnyBunny12. But what happens when some unexpected characters start. All he has with him is a knife, a gun, his wits and the WarHammer Titan power. RWBY vol1-9 x male reader by yard hound 1. When you walk upon the surface of the Earth as it was now, you couldn’t help but feel…alone. Yet, almost all the relationship CaPtIvAtEd ( Yandere!Male x Male!reader) 10 parts. Yandere females x male reader by THE AWESOME PYRO. RQ: Jeanne d'Arc(Ruler) x Male!Servant!Reader One of several requests by ~Nazo-san (https://www. Now, the curse has been passed onto you, as you will dish out vengeance to those deserving of it, and where better than to start at U. Adventure Anime/Manga Yashiro Twin Hanako Hanako X Male Reader Toilet Bound Hanako Kun X Male [TBHK various x Male Reader] Nene’s your twin. When a heartbroken boy named Y/n transfers to a new school he is met with a girl with pink hair becoming his friend the two bond but when an old friend of Y/n's come to the school it makes the linked haired girls crazy side come out. Yandere! Mythical Creatures x Male by Shane Lee. Yugioh GX Alexis Rhodes X Male Reader. Partners In Crime || Scream by poser. Webs have been multiplied - Into the Spidervers X Male Reader. one piece harem X male reader (Book 1). Does meeting the cast become the best thing After a nasty breakup with her now ex-boyfriend Hangyeol, figure skater Kang Saena's not looking in Lacuna (n) a blank space, a missing part. Reader says he's doing great things! Also he has a great ass lol. Until the 29th of November, when you had your first encounter with death. Kratus is one of the Eternals created by The Celestials to fight against The Deviants during the Stone Age towards this point of time, but Kratus it's different to the others. (Y/n) Is a shy 16 years old boy hoping to be the number one hero after his father and mother disappeared can this soft hearted teen make his way into UA that rhymes. The open wounds expose the importance of Our innocence. Yandere Shaun Murphy x Male Afton Reader (Good Doctor) Mon, Apr 25, 2022. Without any warning, an app appears on Y/n’s phone…and it’s a. He is no huntsman,he is no hero,he is no saviour. He had been alone ever since his parents were killed by the White fang. Longing for the safe revival of the warship, you embark on a journey. Satoru Gojo x M!Reader by kny_hxh_bnha. For the last six years he's been serving Zeus and is the sole reason Mount Olympus still exists during that time. Read the most popular male-reader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Your name was Tim Drake and you're child hood Friends were Takeru Ooyama Haruko Amaya Inaho Kushiy. It's sentient and just wants to complete it's mission and then live happily ever after. Karma, being the sadist he is, can't let it slide. When four teens get sucked into a world of frogs they will go on crazy adventures and find feelings Frogs and doors. Male Reader X Yandere Sister (Reeemiiiix) Sat, Aug 27, 2016. This is a male reader x The Seven Deadly Sins Harem fanfiction. The Bad Boy and The Tomboy is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access. Teaching a child to read — and the importance of reading — can be a parent or teacher’s most difficult task, but the Accelerated Reader program makes it easier than ever. Story of Magic(Hermione Granger x Male Reader). (might write about manga/manhwa/manhua characters too. It gets even more interesting as (Y/N) and Twilight bring in their brand new student and sidekick. A/N: This was requested over on our Wattpad. KNY | Reader | Action Anime/Manga Fanfiction Fanfic Oc Manga. Awakening with temporary Amnesia - as far as the Healers told you - you're taken in by the King of Dolos, supposed to be taken care of by his personal Servant. [ yandere!male!priest x male!transmigrated!reader ] ╰┈ Isekai is no job for the weak—especially not when you have been transmigrated into a horror game where …. What happens when the God of death. This book is filled with x male reader stories of the men from Marvel. Type:hcs:Luigi X Male!reader: Princess Peach X Male!Reader: Bowser X Male!Reader. Baby (michael myers x reader dd/lg) by Baybfayce. Yuno Gasai x Male reader x Ayano Aishi. " Trying to avoid the daily b Completed romance fiction fan +17 more # 2 QT: Save The Villain! by Blue_Bear 43. It's more of a action adventure style story, but there is a fair amount of romance in there. This world is a complicated one-of predators and prey, struggling to make peace with one another. I don't want to tell more than t countryhumansbritain. That’s worth more than you expected. Vitaly x Male!fennec fox! Ocs by OkamiH. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings. Siren's Call ( Jirou x Male!Reader ) 3 pages June 2, 2020 Denki Kaminari. This was originally head-canons but it didn’t flow properly, so I hope this is okay. He lives in an alleyway in a little cardboard house with a bunch of stuff he collect to try and survive. You are a mutant cheetah who escaped from the Kraang prison. The Man Of Tomorrow(Male Reader X MCU). (m! gasai yuno x reader x yandere! various ) 18+ After waking from a nap post-"Future Diary," you're abruptly thrown into its world as the unforeseen 13th participant. (Blossick stands for brick x blossom if you don't know) PPG x RRB. However fearing his power would shift the balance to much. cayde 6 x male guardin 18+ by Shy Leopard. PowerPuffGirls X Nerd Male reader by Ku_Teku. In Her Name [BNHA x Reader] by king. Even, so most people don't expect him to be a kid, no matter the size he gets the job done. During the finale battle at the Statue of Liberty between the Brotherhood of Mutants led by Magento and his radical beliefs fighting against the X-Men led by Charles Xavier and his more peaceful beliefs. New Boy Group {ROSE X MALE READER} by your jungshook 42. The Ringed eyes (Naruto x male rea by Ginger. Read Yandere Gardevoir x Male Reader from the story Male Reader x Female Yandere Various 4 by gojira2003 with 22,824 reads. Eve zoldyck, the god that was cast out of heaven, the one that chrollo lucilfer finds so irritatingly beautiful and deadly. Scary Is Cute [Slashers x Reader] by Creativity_Juice. -----•KFP x KNY!Reader•----- A lone wolf was adopted by Mr. Y/n and Ranpo's relationship is something special. AU Chara and Frisk x male reader O by Throwawayaccount762. Hinata Shoyo x Male!Reader (Sad Movies Always Make Me Cry) Mon, May 23, 2016. What will happen will Y/n find love. She sees me looking over and waves, I shyly wave back. Highschool DxD x Male Reader. In the society of Homeworld, there were many a gem that knew the name of Steven Universe. A Sith lord is thrown into another dimension. But after (B/f/n) (B/f/l/n) hears him singing, he recommends (Y/n) transfe You came back from a two-week mission and decided to visit your favorite captain, Hitsugaya Toshiro. Luckily his mother and father, learned from their actions before it was too late. So in this one you live in a country which is controlled by a Queen and everything happens with her permission she can do anything she wants and no one questions her. Joining the battle for her own amusement against the Gods, she le Completed. but you're the most chaotic, the idiot, and the flirt. Till the new professor comes in and decides to …. She has her own priorities and you have yours. Whoever can be crowned King, the most popular student, that's the prize. Ron grumbled under his breath about his friends ganging up on him. 4K 143 5 Blind Logic (TFP Shockwave x Blind by IRONHIDE’s_Girl Airachnophobia (Airachnid X Male R by Caleb Carlton. Pure Heart (Alexa Bliss x Male Reader). On the streets of Vale, there is a smol 5 year old boy. (F/N) was a god, one of the most feared Aesir gods alive, third only to Thor and Odin. A/N: As usual all rights go to the respective owners. Mainly a jerk named Hawk Mouth. 1K 51 (This a very old book and contains grammar errors, slight cringe and some other stuff normally found in a 12 year old's fanfiction when they have too much time on their. Trans Male Character Fanfiction Stories. Characters x Seme male reader. Vampire Knight Black Butler | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Kaname Zero Various Male Oc Inserts Vampire Hunter Love Triangle Pureblood. Read Danny phantom : Ember mclain x male reader (lemon) from the story Various females x male reader (a lot of animes, videogames, movies etc) by thedarklord8. Plot: Scaramouche bullies and teases (Y/n) Teyvat High School: the high school where all famous or rich people send their kids or enter the school if they're the rich ones. So, I had a thought today which may have been obvious and I'm. (Strongest male Reader x X. Okay so this contains DD/lg if you dont like that then please dont read. You get thrown into a twisted game of cat and mouse only to be saved by the murder? Now on the entity's hit list, you must survive not only her game, but also a house full of murders who want to seduce you. A Growing Flower Within My Heart ( Genshin x Male Dendro y/n ) After living in Mondstadt for a few year, your friend has decided that you can travel around of Teyvat with them. Male reader/female character; Language: English Stats: Published: 2019-10-14 Updated: 2023-10-31 Words: 45,437 Chapters: 16/? Comments: 11 Kudos: 186 Bookmarks: 14 Hits: 13,069. Stolas x reader x Blitzo Hell's Sole Human (male reader x H by CoffeeMan. With the ability to create, edit, and share PDFs, Acrobat Reader makes it easy to keep track of your documents. A hell where 4 people, known as survivors, were put up against a killer in what most called a trial. killerfrost, dccomics, dueladent. And also my first Complicity [h. Read the most popular honkaistarrail stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Y/N is an ordinary human warrior who does everything he can to protect his people of EnderCon city, his home. In the bustling world of heroes and ordinary people, Y/N, a humble barista and inspiring artist, struggling to make ends meet, receives a life-altering letter in the mail. [ yandere!male!criminal organisation leader x male!aide!reader ] ╰┈ Since young, Y/n’s father had always owed a great amount of debt towards the infamous crime organization— a syndicate owned by the Nordin Family. The school becomes divided between the Royals, those who want to follow the natural path of their stories, and the Rebels, those who want to write their own destinies. A Male God reader x Highschool dxd HAREM story Rias and the rest of her peerage left you to die. Collection of One-Shots and the Occasional Two or Three Parters. (F/N) gazed across the dark streets littered with trash and lit with the street lamps. Video Games (Hailee Steinfeld) Sun, Nov 28, 2021. Tranquil Seas: A Male Reader x RWBY Story. The white haired male loosened his grip, but kept his face buried in [Male name]'s neck. (Rosario vampire x Male Reader) by lonelyhearts. Y/N L/N was just a normal shut-in trying to make it through life. Anime/Manga Thriller Gojo's Father JJK X Male Reader Angst Humor Jujutsu Kaisen X Father Reader. Y/N is also known as the first male ship. The Reader does stupid things to save the stupid people they consider their stupid family. Even worse is when that bloody world is filled with devilish abominations. Male Characters x Top!Male!Reader |One Shots| - Chapter 1 - MackJLee9 - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own] Anime/Games I write about. So this is my first Male Reader story, so don't judge, tho I don't mind any criticism towards it. This article will provide an overview of the Square R. Akame: looks like your not meant to even pleasure (Y/N) at all. (there will most likely be lemon. Compared to women, men are more likely t. Esdeath then slammed against your dick much faster making you moan. fanfiction; phoebus; disneyfanfic +18 more # 2. Once in a Lifetime (Seme Oc male x by ᴘᴀɴⁱᶜ. Sayori x Male Reader by anexpensiverolex. " °• •°• •°• •° The slashers are all in hiding since t stumachier. MLP Equestria Girls: The Hero of Canterlot High (MLP EG x Male Reader) 23 parts Ongoing. See a recent post on Tumblr from @secretivemessenger about childe x male reader. Cheater F!Wii Fit Trainer x Male Reader x Lucina and Palutena (Lemon) Fri, Jan 13, 2017. You would have never suspected that such a tiny, cute body could contain so much malevolence. Ghost Rider (Male Reader) x Highsc by Jp36346. what will happen if all the supreme beings of marvel, dc,dragon ball,rwby Mort. You never scold your servants, and often let them get away with too much. The feelings for her and for Ayano. What if Harry had a friend during his time with the Dursleys. #1 Southeastern University Series Natosha Jackson is from the south-side slums of Ridgeport. 8K 493 10 You are BF best friend you guys used to go to school together but back then you don't talk really much but you're also honest guy too sometimes. While trying to gain trust to take information at the. Join in and experience a tale of how the living can bring love to the dead, as much as the. As you get "I-It's not l-like I LIKE you or anything!". Also rwbyfan722 gave me the idea for the story as well. The Spider-Ma Glamrock Freddy x Reader: Rock My World. Jake was a former padawan under Kanan along with Ezra. Even the gods will do so as well. Reasons only Known by his closets friends He returns with a couple of scars and a new drive as he moves to Korea letting dance take him where he's supposed to …. It cayde x male it fan made and also sexual contect too If any one don't like this u. Summary: (M/N) is close friend to Clay, when Clay leaves the bar drunk he goes straight to (M/N) and since he had known the other for such a long time, (M/N) comforted Clay so he would stop feeling bad. Serena x Male Read by Emperor Dragon. Mutual Interest: Lenore x Male Sit by GrandAdmiralNironus. So Many! A Harem x Male reader. What if that friend just so happened to be the adopted child of a very powerful wizard and biological child. One day, you wake up in bed looking at your Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction; Stay~ :: Yandere Yugioh x Reader by Wayward. Pitch Black (A Lookism x Mafia Male OC (DISCONTIN by weirdlass. male x male reader gay bts lgbt bts Jeon Jungkook believed that he had spent far too long in a life without promises, so he hauled himself up onto the roof, and …. What if Vegeta had a sister that was a year younger than him. You were still licking akame's vagina so your moaning was making her pussy vibrant and she moaned out too. And with that came the existence of prestigious schools for aspiring heroes. com/nazo-san) His request was based on a …. The Hidden Pillar of Olympus (PJO Male Reader Insert). Whether you want action, romance, comedy, or crossover, you will find something to suit …. Dreamsmpxmalereader Stories. Your village was rather small and on the outskirts of the regime so she really never came by. malereaderinsert; unionacademy; magic +1 more # 11. Pairings: Uke! Germany X Seme! Male Reader Germany's P. Explore different genres, characters, and scenarios inspired by the thrilling world of hunters, dungeons, and monsters. They were you favorite mythical creature after all, and when you made a wish one night to meet a Dragon, it came as a great shock scavenger. Here are some tips on how to g. Kei Yamasaki has never had a very high opinion of heroes and certainly never wanted to be one himse After being abandoned on earth as a child the young boy would soon grow to be known as the earth's mightiest hero. A species that died out centuries ago. Y/n and Wanda are trying to live a simple normal life after they lost everyone when Endgame ended. You both screamed and fought each other all the time, but somehow that's always worked for you two It start as you being a young boy. Did you know that many of the major health risks men face can be prevented and treated with early diagnosis? Get the facts on men's health issues. Powers Of A God Rwby X Male Reader by Goku Black. I Only human (Adventure Time …. Jules ran out the front door right after the confrontation and you wanted to chase after her to make sure she was okay, but it seems like Rue already had that in mind. It all began when Ayano and Taro got together. A young woman stood outside, holding an umbrella as snow drifted down from the skies. As you neared the room you saw your good friend Blake. Read some of the key moments that defined their relationship. raison d'etre [chainsaw man x male by Krowa. They're specially trained spies, who usually complain about their current situation. male x male reader gay bts lgbt bts Jeon Jungkook believed that he had spent far too long in a life without promises, so he hauled himself up onto the roof, and was so close to finally ending it all. Finding it hard to lock down a job after college, Y/N decides to move in with his parents for a few months in Nevada so he can apply for. Her mission is to rebuild her island and make it the safest island so no one can come and destroy it. Female Yautja (Predator) x Male Reader. Hydras And one in particular was feared by its own kind and by the dragons: The Void Hydra. The more they grow up the crazier life gets. Yandere Anna x Male reader/Little by ISY117 3. By the time sunset arrives, he's ready to just sleep away the grief and everything that comes with it, but his boyfriend has other plans, claiming he knows exactly how to cheer Bucky up. “You’re an asshole,” you said to Nate before taking your shot. The book is meant for male readers but female readers feel free to add. Via smirked and played with Y/n's boxers with her foot. And now he's captured and taken prisoner by xenomorphs and has to work in their hive. Female Cell x Male (Saiyan) Reader. A fired fbi swat operative turned hired gun man. Aoba Seragaki x Male!Reader (Colours) Thu, Jun 9, 2016. You are Y/N L/N, and under strange circumstances, you gain fantastical abilities. Abyss Watcher Side Stories by Demoness Socialite. As the leader of the Teen Titans you have a lot of responsibilities, but you fall in love with with Black cat x male reader x Catwoman. Read the most popular kda stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. In a world filled with darkness and blood, you can't tell who is friend and foe. Why Square Reader Setup is Essential for Small Business Owners. Creation of Rebellion (Arsene X Fe by D1sastr0usK41. Until a young man ventured into the woods where she was slain, accidentally causing her to rise from the dead. Wednesday Addams x male reader (OC) by lixionthegreat15 4. As a citizen of the Last City, Y/N is supposedly under the protection of the Guardians in their Tower. The greatest threat to the galaxy has been vanquished, but foes of peace never sleep. But when Zeus's Master Bolt is stolen, he sends Y/N, age 13, to spy on the most likely suspect, …. Everyone heard of the legend of the Merpeople's scales that could give immortality. She chose to take him as her own and raised him, the boy was happy that his dream became the same as hers. Gravity Falls X Male Reader. A male reader insert of coming into the world of Ninjago. He doesn't follow The Eternal rules, he considers every conflict a danger, and there's powerful being around the universe, he needed to act, the world. 3K 305 12 What if the world of jjk was expanded beyond its own anime/manga elements of culture coming from all over from the point of view of Yn Fushiguro All art belongs to its. The shuttle you escaped on landed on earth. The boys mother was originally tasked with killing the clan's leader but ended up falling for him and bearing 2 children. As they stood there, mouths agape and hearts aflutter, you could practically hear them. For 9 centuries, he has been looking for his love, his da The Brotherly Type (Male Reader Insert) 9 parts. Ship pairing between Call of Duty character Simon Riley and the reader. Your father bore the mantle of the Ghost Rider, allowing him to dispense fiery justice out to wrongdoers, and so you looked up to him. For a few years, I was a strong and exclusive Kindle believer. A human girl named, Azara weathers, has landed into a strange land called the Boiling Isles. Monsters, villains, and even demons try to attack the city and claim it has their own. Everyone loves her, even people who do Left alone with several killers that are in love with him how will one deal with this. " Krillin added to the namekian. There have been many heroic tales told of legends and gods; Heracles, Dionysus, Helen, and many more legends and tales does the Ancient Greek world have under its belt. (Y,N), parents murdered by the cause of …. To help you out, here’s a reader’s. Wattpad">Harem malereader Stories. We both have hit writers' block and were bored so. She was found in the forest, supposedly abandoned by her parents. An abandoned boy was found by a caring and loving huntress who has her own family. Obey Me! Characters x Male! Reader. Y/N L/N a young man at the age of 20 whom grew up as an orphan never meeting his true parents. Read the most popular pacificrim stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. "I missed you too big guy," [Male name] muttered back, a smile on his face. There might be some mistakes or autocorrects here and there. --Hazbin Hotel -- Charlie x Male reader oneshots! AUs! and scenarios! Fanfiction (Y/n) was a sinner, a dirty no good bastard. A legendary journey awaits once again for the Elements of Harmony as (Y/N) and the Mane 6 take on all kinds of challenges in both teaching and learning friendship. Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most popular PDF readers available on the market today. Transformer Prime (Female Autobots) x Male reader. Snow decorated the rooftops whilst the sun beamed down, evaporating it into steam. doing one of these as well cuz why not, oh yeah you can't request stuff cuz im lazy and inconsisten "Rebel With a Cause" - Ran x Male Reader. Plus going to paris to get away from a war zone that I had to call home is like a winning a lottery. genderbent!loud house x reader (A Loud Life) 34 parts Ongoing Mature. male!Reader x Sollux; Sollux Captor; Male!Reader - Character; this is just sexy time; that's it haha; Summary. It contains curse words so I'l An A list celebrity full of regrets gets wakes up in the body of a young child in another universe, not really expecting this to happen after he killed himsel. Marvel X Male Reader Fanfiction Stories. Shy Soul !MyHeroAcademia X Male re by Grim Eater. Y/N, otherwise known as U/N, the most feared player in YGGDRASIL. BNHA Male Reader x Katsuki Bakugo by Lolychan009. ) Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia Kimetsu no Yaiba/Demon Slayer Kuroko no Basuke/Kuroko's Basket Kenka Banchou Otome/Girl Beats Boys. Total Drama X fem reader High-school Au. He had never watched Naruto but did a few videos. male x male content! | this is a story about a beautiful, flirty fox who goes to U. You reside in your mansion with your younger brother, and are way too laid back for your own good. Resident Evil Village: Angel Of Disease (Male Reader). Various Females X Male Reader (Open Request) 16 parts. 『 Miles Morales x Seme Male Reader 』//Contains mega spoilers for the movie. The officers around them were startled by the bravery of a mere village girl standing (Male Yandere DemonsxFemale Reader) You are just a normal high school girl living a normal life. Male "Goku Black" Reader x DBZ Abridged. How to Use the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to View and Edit PDFs. Escaping an arranged marriage, (Y/n) came across the famous water hashira Urokodaki. Male Reader Inserts! Part 2: As you slowly open your eyes again, waking from your nap, it's pitch black outside - only a small lantern on the porch spending some light, that …. Male Reader X Various Characters. Jack Frost x Male!Reader (LEMON!). Y/N always had a thing for working the technical sides of concerts and guarding or uncovering mysterious relics of the dark past, but he …. He got reincarnated by the Supreme God and now he needs to help save the universe In 27 Days (Watty Award Winner 2012). Black Butler X Seme! Male! Reader! 50 pages August 31, 2020 sememaleinsert. Amaya is the older sister of the future king of the pirates, Monkey D. Polt was just finishing up her morning run, when she heard the sound of a child crying. Genshinimpactxmalereader Stories. Years of death, pain, and betrayal ha Dark Disney| Dark Reverse Harem x Reader. All of these tall buildings, magnificent structures and wonders that made people think, “humans built that”…all of it, reduced to rubble and overtaken by the overgrown plant life and various machine lifeforms. Naruto | Reader Gaara Rock Lee | Anime/Manga Sasuke Neji Shikamaru Kakashi Kiba Shino Kankuro Choji X Male Reader Naruto Various. They are widely used for everything from resumes to legal contracts. Superia: Male Reader x Superia (Al by Prime of the House of El. This is the second of male x chubby reader. This story is about you the reader (Y/N) and your brother (B/N) from another universe. Kenny won, kicking off his boxers to reveal his erected member as Y/N stared in amazement. (dont judge my taste in fanfics) Anyway, so as people are …. You are found and taken in by the X-Men, given a chance to help use your powers and find a new family along the way. He became so famous due to his skill, he had challengers every second. Y/N L/N was your average civilian boy, slightly intelligent and has average physique. First Steps Of Discovery (Male Reader X Shouko Komi). He wasn't interested in salvation. this is a gamer story so expect a different gr pov. A Passing Grade (Male Reader Insert) 6. (NTR warning) Yandere Lawyer Wife X Male Reader ( lemon ). Yandere | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Humor Romance Bl. Philomena Pan, Daughter of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling, had grown up hearing tales of her mother and fathers great adventures. Frozen series! Male Elsa x reader by 💫AwesomesauceAbbie. Seme human Male reader x Uke King Dice (Cuphead) Sat, Apr 28, 2018. (Y/N) (L/N) has always been treated like a monster. They we also top of their cl This story is originally made by another author. Tigress x OC Basically, instead of Po, we get a white tigress. Dog Man, the beloved comic book series by Dav Pilkey, has been a hit with readers of all ages since its debut in 2016. (Miracolous Ladybug X Male reader). Your a new guy how just moved in to quahog and your famous tech man who makes futuristic Cars,technology,making machines to make medical equipment better but your lonely you don't have no one to be with after you parents passed away due to a illness you couldn't safe them because you were too young but you made a promise to …. Cheater Leone x Male Reader x Yandere Esdeath. Y/n L/n, brother of Gudako L/n, had a pretty terrible childhood, or that would be the case normally. Walking Dead: Unclaimed (Carl x M! Reader) screw you! (y/n) is to bad ass to need help or companionship even after freedom of being claimed He pops up in my mind more frequently than I'll admit. Y/n Uraraka is the brother of Ochako Uraraka. For so long, she and other 12 himeko. A few days later he now is settled in California and works now as a Bodyguard and as a Personal Assistant to jenna. You, born on an unknown island, dreamed and listened to songs sung by infrastructure of Pluton. Reader is a Slytherin and Draco's best friend. 8K 30 [Completed & Being Rewritten] ↓ ♡ After tears and screams, Rosie, your ten years old sister finally convinced you to take her to spend a day in the brand new Freddy Fazb. From The Ashes: RWBY X Male Godzil by Spectre. (Y/n) Cipher, a Dream Demon was thrown in the world of Delinquents by the Fates to punish her for h Dark Darker, yet Random (Male Reader X Meggy). 8 pages August 24, 2021 Memerzss. The sur trickster; xchildreader; xmalereader +10 more # 12. She called for attention as she started to gently move the x-ray scanner over Ruby's bump to show a baby inside her. Gilgamesh forsaw that the ragnarok will start in another singularity killing all singularities at once. The lemon won't take place till the end of the chapter. Male x male; don't like, don't re. A 𝐬𝐩𝐲 𝐱 𝐟𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲 [𝐱𝐎𝐜] story, featuring the added addition, Forger (oc). Someone Special (Male Reader x SCP-166) Fanfiction (This story was written before SCP-166's File was changed on the website) SCP-166 (The Teenage Succubus): SCP-166 appears to be a female human in her mid to late teens, of average height and slender build. PDFs are a great way to share documents with others, but they can be difficult to view and edit without the right software. Yaoi KnB, Starry Sky, Gakuan Alice, Fairy Tail, Uta no Prince Sama, Diabolik Lovers, OHSHC, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Amnesia, Vampire Knight not one-shot. Yandere Gardevoir x Male Reader. It’s easy to use, but it can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with it. "Well I have to send you back tomorrow. An abused adopted member of the Rose family runs away after having enough of his abuse, but on his escape he receives a grizzly fate, one of blood and death and a very grimm awakening. Most of the stories will be about the. When the two of you reached her dorm, she opened the door and threw you on the bed and hopped on top of you kissing all over your neck. When Goku and his friends escaped Grand Zeno's erasing after the defeat of Zamasu, he accidentally slipped from the time machine when …. I know literally nothing about other students in Slytherin so it’s probably not accurate (at all) so any feedback is appreciated. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Adobe Reader is a software that allows you to view, print and comment on PDF documents.